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Why We Are Better

Mother-Daughter Reading Outside

I Love to Read was developed by the literacy experts at Pioneer Valley Books. Our mission is to provide engaging stories and teaching materials that help children develop strong literacy skills and a love of reading. We have over 15 years of experience developing products that engage, excite, and encourage young readers in classrooms all over the world and now they are available to parents to use at home.

We are not a large corporation; we're a small family-owned business created out of the desire to create more tools for teachers to use when teaching literacy.

We do not dictate a one-method approach. We encourage children to explore all types of books, not just ours. We think you will find our books and ideas easy to use and your child will find success developing his or her skills with these stories.

You’ve probably heard that literacy begins at home and continues when your child starts school. Our products, along with our website, our parent guide, and our continuously updated resources, will help parents and caretakers foster a love of reading just like teachers do in school.