bella and rosie

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Why Our Books Work

What is it about our books that will make your child love reading?


Bella and RosieOur characters

The characters featured in our books are beloved by students in classrooms around the world. Ask a Reading Recovery student who Bella and Rosie are and he or she will likely be able to tell you. We give our characters real-life personalities that students and kids recognize. Studies show that when kids identify and connect with what they are reading, they read more. Perhaps your child will identify with brave (and at times mischievous) Bella, or connect with shy and cautious Rosie.

Our StoriesOur stories

Our authors work hard to make the stories they write appealing to younger audiences. Story plots are created to be easy for kids to understand and relate to. Our books might not read like your typical story book, but your child is also working on understanding what he or she is reading; therefore, the ideas need to be simple when they are starting off.

Research Behind the WordsResearch behind the words

Our stories use carefully chosen, level-appropriate sight words and vocabulary. A team of literacy teachers reviews each story and edits for level appropriateness to guarantee that vocabulary, sentence structure, and repetition of words or phrases is appropriate at each level. Literacy expert Michele Dufresne approves every book before publication.


Letter shapes and word spacing all contribute to the success of a beginning reader. In our 15-plus years of experience, we've mastered a formula that helps beginning readers recognize letters and words easily so they gain mastery over their reading. Detailed photos and illustrations also support beginning readers, giving them visual cues to words that could be tricky. 

Leveling SystemOur leveling system

We use the Guided Reading leveling system (from A through M) to let you know the level of difficulty of a book for your child. You want to start with the books  that are easiest for your child to read and work your way up. This builds confidence and skill to take things to the next level. At-home reading should come easily and feel pleasurable.