bella and rosie

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From the experts

"Pioneer Valley Books, with its vast selection of books aimed at the beginning reader, will help your child become a better reader." - The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

"Pioneer Valley Books will help your child get on the right track, through its incredible selection of engaging and entertaining story lines, aimed at the beginning reader—kindergarten through second grade." - The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

"Pioneer Valley Books has identified ways to support young readers as they transition to chapter books. The company has an array of popular characters, such as Jasper the Cat, Space Boy, Bella and Rosie, and Gilbert the Pig. These characters transition with the readers—from simple stories into chapter books. Engage your child to read and help propel him or her to the next level. " - The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

From other parents

"Marshmallow the Pony early reading books are lovely.  The colorful illustrations are engaging and the story line is helping my 16-month-old granddaughter to experience the joys of reading!"  - Melissa K.

"I have ordered Pioneer Valley Books for my grandkids to help them learn to read. They love the characters in the books and want to read more stories about them! I love the way the books are leveled to help them learn to read a little bit harder book at each level! Thanks, Pioneer Valley!" - Marilyn

From teachers

"My students really love to read and I have Pioneer Valley Books to thank for it!" - Jeanne Thomason, First Grade Teacher

"I remember the excitement when I first saw Pioneer Valley Books and I still feel that same excitement today. I've watched the company grow and I've loved watching how your characters have impacted the lives of so many children. Thank you, Pioneer Valley Books!" - Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

"I love that you have these sets put together for parents to order and access, and I love that they are so affordably priced! To be able to offer summer reading options of “just-right” books in such an affordable package gives reading specialists like me a happy heart." - Reading Specialist