child reading bookTracking your child’s reading progress is an important step in supporting his or her learning at school. You may want to know how your child is doing and if he or she is having success at learning to read. The most important and best sign that your child is making progress is if your child is enjoying reading. Does he or she choose to read books at home on his or her own? Children enjoy things they are successful at, and reading is no different. If your child picks up books and tries to read them, he or she is most likely making good progress! Still, it might be helpful to have some indicators of reading success. Here are some things to watch for when your child is reading:

  1. One-to-one matching: Can your child match his or her finger up to the words as he or she reads?
  2. Locating new words: When you ask your child what letter a word starts with, can he or she name the letter and find the word in the book?
  3. Does your child use the pictures in the book for help? When your child comes to a word he or she doesn’t know does he or she look at the picture for help?
  4. When your child comes to a word he or she doesn't know, can he or she make the first sound of the word?
  5. Does your child reread the sentence when something isn’t right and try to correct the mistake?
  6. Does your child remember the common sight words from book to book?

Download this quick assessment check sheet to use with your Getting Started (Levels A-D) reader.