free activity to help your child learn to readWho doesn’t love to talk? My one-year-old granddaughter babbles away. When we talk to her, she loves to respond with her baby chatter. And my two-year-old grandson already can tell us wonderful stories even though sometimes it is hard to understand it all. All it takes is someone to listen and respond. Nothing makes them happier!

Oral language is the foundation of learning to read. Children who go to school with lots of opportunities to talk at home tend to do very well when introduced to reading and writing. Make time just to talk with your child – about everyday things, about what you are doing and why, and talk about the books you read together, too. These moments of talking can lead to later success in school!

Free Activity For Downloading

Start a collection of family stories! Talk to your child about something that happened in your family recently, write down the story and then make pictures to illustrate the story.

Click here to download a story template