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Our Story

I Love to Read was created by Pioneer Valley Books, an educational publishing company founded in 1998 by early literacy specialist Michele Dufresne.

Michele believed then, and still believes today, that children learn to read best when given books with fun stories and engaging characters that are also written and designed with careful attention to vocabulary, sentence structure, font, and spacing. Unable to find books that fit her formula, she decided to create her own. With the support of her friends and family, and while continuing to teach full-time, Michele began photographing and writing books to use with her students.

The education community began to take notice of how effective Pioneer Valley Books’ materials were for teaching reading. Over the next few years, Michele continued to write and teach while recruiting a dedicated team to help her develop her initial set of a dozen black-and-white books into a catalog of over 600 titles.

Letter to bella and rosieKnowing that children build a strong connection to stories about families, friends, and pets, Michele found inspiration in her two lovable dogs, Bella and Rosie. The stories proved so popular that Bella and Rosie became the face of Pioneer Valley Books. Today, they are featured on the company logo and have their own Twitter account. Students all around the world are learning to read with Bella and Rosie.

The perfect children’s book combines the right language structure with engaging characters that make children want to read books again and again. Each I Love to Read book is reviewed by a team of teachers and literacy specialists to make sure each story creates a fun learning experience for your child. Princess and Marvin from Pioneer valley Books

The mission of Pioneer Valley Books has always been to provide engaging stories and teaching materials that help children develop strong literacy skills and a love of reading. I Love to Read extends that mission from the classroom into your home, giving you the best books to help your child grow as a reader.