Shared Reading: My Community

You can demonstrate many things to students during shared reading, including early literacy behaviors, concepts of print, problem-solving strategies, and comprehension skills. In this video, Jan Richardson uses a projector to share a Level A Explore The World book, My Community, with a group of kindergarten students. She models how to cross check using the first letter and the picture.

Our nonfiction books:

  • - Engage the beginning reader with appealing and vibrant photographs.

  • - Motivate your readers with interesting topics and developmentally appropriate content.

  • - Encourage success with informational text that is intended for beginning readers.

  • - Prompt learners to develop strategies with carefully chosen vocabulary, text placement, and easy sentence structure.

"Students are doing their own 'research' because the books are written at a level that they can read. It's so important to get great nonfiction books into kids' hands earlier!" - Reading Specialist