Michele Dufresne


Teaching Tip: Beginner Steps in Literacy Footprints

This summer, Jan Richardson and I worked with a team of literacy consultants preparing them to help schools implement Literacy Footprints. It was a great experience! The discussions, questions, and ideas just flowed from these wonderful teachers. If you are looking for someone to come to your school and work with teachers I can’t say enough about each one of these women! (You can read their bios here.) We probably could have spent the whole summer together, talking and sharing ideas about children, teachers, and schools.

Over the two days of professional development, I managed to catch Jan on video a few times and I thought I would share a clip where she is talking to the consultants about tracing letters in the ABC book. In Literacy Footprints, we have a series of lessons called “Beginner Steps” for students who know fewer than 40 upper- and lowercase letters. Students have an opportunity to read a new book, write a story, and learn about letters and sounds. Jan explains in this video why, along with the lesson, each student should spend a few minutes with a tutor tracing letters in the ABC book.

Listen to Jan discuss the ABC book here:


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