Duckling Collection Resources

In our increasingly complex world, early childhood teachers face new challenges in preparing children for the literacy-rich world in which we live. Young children enter our classrooms with various experiences with books and writing. The Duckling Readers™ Collection is designed for young students who are not yet ready for traditional Guided Reading lessons. The lessons in this collection will be especially helpful for preschool and kindergarten students, and children learning English as a second language. The Duckling Collection is specially geared toward students who have limited experience with print and know fewer than 40 upper and lower case letters and hear few, if any, sounds in words.


Assessment Materials

It is important to first assess what your students already know before beginning these lessons. Observation is the best way to assess your students’ growth in literacy understanding. Assessment (both formal and informal) is ongoing and comes as a result of your observation of students as you interact with them. Some basic assessments and their processes are outlined in the Duckling Teaching Guide, which comes with the collection, and each lesson in the Duckling Readers kit refers to these assessments by name. If your school has early literacy assessments that give you the same information, you may want to substitute your school assessments for the assessments outlined here. In addition, as your students make progress, you may want to re-administer all or some of the assessments to determine if students are ready to begin more traditional Guided Reading lessons.

Reading Observation Form

Duckling Readers Collection - Reading Observation Form

Alphabet Recognition Form

Duckling Alphabet Recognition Form