Bella and Rosie Big Plush Companions (Pair)

Bella and Rosie Big Plush Companions (Pair)

Bella and Rosie Big Plush Companions (Pair)

Your students will adore holding and reading with this pair of Bella and Rosie plush puppies. Each dog measures 9" from nose to tail and 6" tall (when sitting down).

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Snuggle up with a good book –Hilgert
What child wouldn't want to have a Rosie and Bella stuffed animal to snuggle with while they read these adventurous books? This would be a great gift to celebrate reading success! (Posted on 1/16/2014)
The Bella and Rosie Plush Companions are a MUST HAVE to go along with your Bella and Rosie books. They are absolutely adorable and your students/children will love to read with them. In my classroom we made a bed for both Bella and Rosie and brought the characters to life using our imaginations while reading the books and creating our own stories throughout our character and author study. They are worth every penny! (Posted on 7/15/2013)
loveable "pets" that students will adore!! –Linda
I was so excited to get the big Bella and Rosie dogs! My students love to practice reading to them, and will, at times, scold Bella for choices she's made - like in "Lost in the Woods". Rosie tends to be cuddled more because she always seems so scared as in "Going to School". This is my kids chance to have a "pet" and they treat them well. Thank you for making them in a more "loveable" size! Linda O. (Posted on 5/23/2012)
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