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Pioneer Valley Word Card Set

Pioneer Valley Word Card Set

Pioneer Valley Word Card Set

Teachers will find our Pioneer Valley Word Card Set a valuable addition to their teaching resources! The set includes four sets of 78 high-frequency words printed on sturdy cards and organized alphabetically in a handy box with dividers. This is an excellent tool for both small groups and one-to-one intervention teaching.

High Frequency Word Cards –Hilgert
These sturdy, large print, clear word cards are wonderful for teaching in small and whole groups! The spacing between the letters is perfectly spaced for emergent readers. The card size makes them easy to handle and move around! (Posted on 1/30/2014)
Great cards! –Jeff Hobbs
My little girl, two and a half years old, brings out these cards all the time. She has already learned to recognize and can say aloud several of the shorter words ('Mom,' 'Dad,' 'see') and she is working on some of the longer ones. I think the Word Card set represents one of the best ways to teach your kids short, commonly used words! (Posted on 12/22/2010)
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